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Wednesday, January 30, 2008


we got a PlayStation 3 for Christmas and it is so awesome the graphics are so good and we got a bunch of good games for it. my favorite game for the PS3 is call of duty 4, it is so awesome and the bullets are flying passed your head and it's like nonstop action all the time. yesterday we had band practice, i play the trumpet and its pretty boring but the only good part is if you bring a pencil you get a piece of candy at the end, it's pretty much the only reason i want to go to band. today i dressed up as like a spy kind of thing got a bunch of gadgets to put in my cape, here's some pictures.


At 30 January, 2008, Anonymous Nana said...

Wow! You take some great pictures. I wish you were here to teach me how to use my digital camera.

Which one of you is Arlin? And what are the other two names you call each other?

I think the "spy" pictures of you are just great! (I like the diapers you wrapped around your feet -- I hope they were clean!!!!)

Remember that Nana loves you a bushel and a peck. I miss you sooooooooo much!


At 30 January, 2008, Anonymous Baub said...

Hi there Flying Monkey!
You really have some cool pics on this blog. You must be good at putting pictures on. Your nana has a camera you, but still has never figured out how to get the them on the computer...I think we are getting old, we need some "HELP"
we will check in later. Take some pictures of the family for me.
Miss you too,


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